Support: Free NY from NYC







Divide NYS into
New Amsterdam Region
& New York Region

Two Autonomous Regions

SUPPORT amending the NY State Constitution to DIVIDE OUR STATE INTO TWO: The New Amsterdam and Divide New York State Caucus Inc initiatives

Help us raise funds to make dividing NYS into New Amsterdam & New York a reality. This would allow us to buy ads on billboards publicity and other things to promote our cause. Please use the link below While approval of both Congress and State Legislature is needed to divide NY into two states; an amendment to our New York State constitution is all that is needed to divide our state into two completely autonomous regions. The New Amsterdam Region and the New York Region; which is almost the same as being separate states! Since Congress is unlikely, in the foreseeable future, to give the Northeast two more US Senate seats a new state would require; the two autonomous regions plan with a token state government is more likely to succeed!

There are TWO methods (see below) to amend the NY State Constitution to divide our state into two completely autonomous regions, with a token state government that does not need the approval of Congress.
1) The NY Legislature must pass the amendment twice with an election of Legislators, in between, and then it is submitted to the voters. The earliest the amendment would go to voters under this method is Nov 2017.
2) Every twenty years the people of NYS get to vote on whether to hold a NY State Constitution Convention. If the Convention is approved, Delegates are elected for the Convention the following November. The Convention can then submit amendments to the NY State Constitution directly to the voters. The next time the Convention vote will be held is Nov 2017.

We have also set up a NYS Political Committee the Divide New York State Caucus Inc to raise funds to promote the New Amsterdam cause this via NYS legislators or via a NYS Constitutional Convention. If you would like to help fund the two region cause use the link below.