VOTE TODAY! Astorino’s final plea, ICYMI his wife Sheila’s (BTW, who is a teacher) message to Cuomo, and the NYS GOP’s “10 Reaso ns why Cuomo, Must Go!”

header.pngAnd so, we close where we began — in a state with a question hanging over its head: As a state, is New York winning or is New York losing? Please take a few minutes to watch my final pitch to you, the voters of New York. Are you better off than you were four years ago when Governor Cuomo took office? The answer is most likely no. Sheriff Chris Moss and I ask: Give us your faith for four years on Tuesday, and we’ll turn this state around. For your family and ours.

(Video: And so, we close where we began)


Best, Rob Astorino

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Plus see the 10 Reasons why “Cuomo, Must Go!”

Have you? – VOTE! You have until 9pm tonight to do it.


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