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ALBANY… The NYGOP today released "Andrew Cuomo’s Bottom 10." Gov. Cuomo will deliver a "Top 10" tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman.

"While Andrew Cuomo cracks jokes to a national audience with the face of a network he just gave a $16 million tax break to, (while unethically promoting his book, our emphasis added), New Yorkers aren’t laughing," said NYGOP spokesman David Laska. "And that’s because Andrew Cuomo’s administration has been a parade of political fraud and fiction on issue after issue."

Andrew Cuomo’s Bottom 10

10. A Teachout Moment

Support for Andrew Cuomo is so low within his own party that Zephyr Teachout, a little-known Fordham Law Professor, earned 34% of the vote in a Democratic primary. Comedian Randy Credico took 4%.

9. You’re Outta Here!

Andrew Cuomo told a radio host that conservatives have "no place in the State of New York." New Yorkers have demanded an apology. We’re still waiting. Think we’ll get one? Neither do we.

8. Hamlet of the Shale

Andrew Cuomo is too afraid of environmental Luddites in his own Party to make a decision on hydraulic fracturing, which has supported the creation of a quarter of a million jobs in Pennsylvania. The good news? The administration said they need just "90 days" to make a decision about natural gas development. The bad news? That was two years ago.

7. The Un-SAFE Act

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -Rahm Emanuel.

Andrew Cuomo used the Newtown tragedy as justification for passing a massive gun control package in the middle of the night. The law was so poorly written that it turned many New York law enforcement officers into criminals overnight. Oh, and shootings are up in heavily-regulated New York City. Feeling safer yet?

6. The Buffalo Boondoggle

Andrew Cuomo announced the "Buffalo Billion" project as the savior of Buffalo’s economy, but it’s really a high-risk, low-reward project funded by New York’s hardworking taxpayers. Oh, and if you live in Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Utica, Binghamton or anywhere else, sorry, Cuomo’s got nothin’ for ya.

5. Tax Free Start Up NY

Here’s one for Throwback Thursday: does anyone remember "Tax Free NY?" That was the original name of "Start Up NY," before someone reminded Andrew Cuomo that his New York is still the most taxed state in the Nation. So he in just about everything.

4. A Prevalent Pattern of Pay to Play

This one could be its own list, but we’d run out of bandwidth. Here’s 100 pages of state contracts Andrew Cuomo has given out to his campaign donors. This one speaks for itself.

3. Women’s Equality Shel Game

Andrew Cuomo launched the sham "Women’s Equality Party" in an election year. The problem? Women think it’s insulting, and Andrew Cuomo spent the last three years palling up to Sheldon Silver, the Assembly Speaker who enabled serial sex abusers in the Democratic Assembly Caucus. Almost 60% of New Yorkers wouldn’t want their daughter interning in the State Legislature. How’s that for equality?

2. #CowardlyCuomo

The first time he ran for office, Andrew Cuomo touted the importance of debates. This time, he called debates a "disservice to democracy." Read that again. That’s your Governor, folks.

1. The Moreland Mess

Andrew Cuomo launched an anti-corruption commission, and then corrupted his own corruption commission by quashing their subpoenas aimed at his own campaign donors. Only in Albany.

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