Another liberal zealot promoting another state scam (and state fascism). That’s right you heard us, on state minimum wage proposal, control, and picking and choosing and playing favorites!!!

NY Wage Bill Would Double Federal Minimum Pay For Employers Out of Favor

By IRA STOLL, Special to the NY Sun | April 21, 2014

The latest innovation in left-wing political economics is legislation that would raise the minimum wage in New York State to $15 an hour — but only for a select group of employers unlucky enough to be targeted by politicians.

The bill’s champion, New York State Senator Daniel Squadron, calls it the “Fair Wage Act.” But it would be more accurately called the “Unfair Wage Act,” because, rather than applying the $15 an hour rule to all employers or all employees, it picks and chooses some employers to saddle with the high wages.

“Mr. Squadron’s own interns (“Internships are unpaid…be able to work at least three days per week, has strong writing, communicating and organizational skills”) are, apparently, exempt, which might strike some as hypocritical.”


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