Remember back in 2008 when State Democrats had full control of Albany? Well here’s one of the many foul things they did to us!

Law surged New York auto insurance rates when it was supposed to lower them: study

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, May 3, 2014 – Auto insurance rates in New York have jumped 6.2% since state lawmakers enacted a so-called flexible rating system that gave insurers greater freedom to change rates without approval, according to a report from the Consumer Federation of America. Over the same time period, the nationwide average has increased less than 1%, New York is one of only four states to use such a system, the system has also led to higher insurance costs for residents of New York’s low and moderate-income neighborhoods because companies consider those drivers a higher risk. “It was sold as something that would drive down rates and lower costs,” said Russ Haven of the New York Public Interest Research Group. “Compared to how other states are doing, New York is coming out worse.” …


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