YEP, WE AGREE! Cuomo’s GOP foe Rob Astorino slams governor: ‘A cynic would call this the ‘cover-your-backside’ administration’

Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino took a big swing at Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a video posted on his campaign website Tuesday.


Power Corrupts from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.

It all ties together: Start Up NY, JCope, the Moreland Commission, the bogus property tax freeze….

…The broken promises of mandate relief, real pension restructuring, education reform. One can go on and on…

These are the hallmarks of Governor Cuomo’s tenure, and they all have one thing it common:

Its all a fraud. Quarter measures at best, designed to hit poll tested buzzwords without changing a thing. A cynic would call this the “cover-your-backside” administration.

But it’s the US Attorney’s investigation into tampering with the Moreland Commission — picking favorites to protect and enemies to investigate — that’s the purest of these.

It shows what Andrew Cuomo has sadly always been about: Power. Accumulating it, keeping it, meting it out to punish, intimidate, and reward.

That’s the Andrew Cuomo insiders have always known and feared, and the public is now getting a peek for itself. It will get more if the press keeps digging.

There’s no vision or ideology here; it’s all about power, which has never been a formula for good.

New York will only recover when power is given back to the people, to families and entrepreneurs…small business owners.

New York will only recover when the weight of Albany nonsense is taken off the people’s back, when taxes and regulations are eased, not increased. …And when local control is given back to parents and teachers in the classroom.

New Yorkers are the highest taxed people in America.

We have the worst economic outlook in the nation, and we’re #1 in corruption. The anti-corruption committee has been corrupted.

More people have fled New York under Governor Cuomo than have left any other state.

But despite all this, Mr. Cuomo brags about his performance. He even has a BOOK coming out…about what I don’t know. Mr. Cuomo calls his budget a grandslam, but for whom? For which team?

Maybe its a grand slam for the Albany insiders, but it’s just another fastball in the ear for the taxpayers who are tired of getting beaned.

Governor Cuomo says everything is great in New York, when it’s obvious we’re losing…falling farther and farther behind other states.

But to Mr. Cuomo, it doesn’t really matter. Because this administration is about him, and not us. It’s about holding power, not giving it back.

That cannot stand.


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