NY – The Top Ten Reasons Gov Andrew Cuomo will be Joining David Letterman in Retirement

By nygop.org

1. New York is the most taxed, most regulated, least business-friendly state in America, just like it was when Andrew Cuomo took office.

2. Sheldon Silver, who protected and enabled serial sexual abusers in his caucus, is still the Speaker of the Assembly.

3. The Cuomo administration said they needed "90 days" to complete their study on fracking 493 days ago.

4. Andrew Cuomo told conservative New Yorkers that they "have no place in the State of New York."

5. New York still spends more on Medicaid than Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas combined, wasting billions of dollars every year, according to the US Congress.

6. Thanks in part to legislation like the SAFE Act, New York is the least personally free state in America.

7. Andrew Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Council has yet to produce substantive results. Without relief from state mandates, New York’s property taxes remain the highest in the Nation.

8. Thanks in part to the one-shot budget gimmicks the Governor has been using to close the deficit every year, New York holds more public debt per capita than any other state.

9. New York leads the nation in outmigration. Over the last two decades, 890,000 taxpayers have left New York State, taking $86.5 billion of AGI with them.

10. Even the Working Families Party doesn’t want him.

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