USA – NY – Obamacare updates: Our new national nightmare continues!!!

Obamacare support craters at 26%

· Rahm Emanuel (of all people!) puts some daylight between himself and ObamaCare

Expected Happening now: WH to Extend Obamacare ‘Fix’ to Help Panicked Democrats Survive 2014. Of course that is the primary agenda of it all!

And stay tuned for the next bailout by the Federal Government, to deal with another problem of their own making! Insurers’ Obamacare Losses May Reach $5.5 Billion in 2015

Obama Promises Illegals – We Won’t Deport You if You Sign Up for Obamacare

· Obama Assures Latinos Again That Relatives Won’t Get Deported Because They Sign Up for Obamacare

FAIL: Maryland to give up on $125 million Obamacare exchange

The law means nothing if it doesn’t fit his agenda! – Obama Admin. to Offer Obamacare Enrollment Extension Using ‘Honor System’

Conservatives Will Not Be Pleased That Obama’s Former Campaign (OFA) Is Now Using This Symbol to Sell Obamacare

· Townhall: More unsavory marketing – Obamacare-site-create-provocative-username-on-okcupid-to-beg-kids-to-sign-up-for-insurance

· Obamacare has become our new national nightmare, but hey as long as it’s hip according to the pinko’s in charge: Under 30? The President Would Like You To Know Health Care Is Hip

Flashback: What you need to know about March health deadline? Well we could sum it all for you by just saying it’s all bulls**t, but more to the point, it’s the deadline that really isn’t, it’s the mandate that really isn’t (depending on who you are), and ect., ect.!

Judge Napolitano: Instead of enforcing the law (his own law!), Obama selectively telling people how to selectively avoid it. Napolitano said Congress is fed up, as they should be, with president taking action without the legislative branch.

· In what might be the death knell for ObamaCare’s most controversial component — the individual mandate to buy insurance — the administration has added a mega-exemption that critics say would allow virtually anybody to skirt the rule.

· ObamaCare’s Secret Mandate Exemption: HHS quietly repeals the individual purchase rule for two more years. ObamaCare’s implementers continue to roam the battlefield and shoot their own wounded…

· Fast forward a bit and they just did it anyway! HHS: We Lack ‘Statutory Authority’ to Extend Deadline to Sign Up for Obamacare

He’ll tell ya what’s good for you and force those choices upon you: Obama-to-latino-town-hall-cut-your-cable-cell-phone-to-afford-his-aca-plan!

· You didn’t seem this coming? Cause it never was as simple as that! The startling Obamacare fee you may soon have to pay

Dem Congressman Gutierrez Gets Creepy, Sings to Himself to Avoid Obamacare Questions

· Oh don’t be embarrassed, even Obama seems to be losing faith in Obamacare!

Thune: ‘Every American Ought to be Outraged’ at Obamacare Tax Break for Unions

‘ABSOLUTE INSANITY’: Practicing physician slams Obamacare’s damaging effects on doctor-patient relationships

· As if the rest of the hypocrisy isn’t enough, here’s some more! Obamacare seeks to segregate patients, doctors by race

· Finally people are realizing the many ways, just how bad it is: ‘Doc Shock’ Reaches the Masses

· And let’s not forget to give the country’s drunken uncle Joe dishonorable mention: Biden to women: Thanks to ObamaCare, you can quit working

· It just keeps getting better: Good News: Illinois Hired Convicted Terrorist as Obamacare Navigator!

· Plus more consequences of ill law: Obamacare Rules Leave Some Domestic Violence Victims Without Escape

Speaking of double speak, now for some Unionspeak: ObamaCare will hasten income inequality, union report says

Just one example mind you: New Yorker Faces Huge Medical Bill Because Hospital Restricts Obamacare Patients to One Carrier

And another: New York Cancer Patient Denied Treatment Under Obamacare

Bruce: This is no cure! Obamacare worse than a train wreck, it’s a cancer

Why Obamacare Offers Voter Registration (Because it has always has been a vote-buying scheme.) And progressive run state exchanges like in NY are doing this too!

· California Seeks Obamacare Funding for Voter Registration – 3/9/14 March 9, 2014California has added voter registration to its Obamacare enrollment process and now they want Obamacare funding to cover those costs. More

Obamacare Isn’t Helping People; It’s Coercing Them – By Natalie deMacedo on 3.24.14 | President Obama might reach his 6 million Obamacare enrollee goal, but not people have been pining to sign up for affordable health insurance. The explanation for the sudden surge of enrollees rests on good, old-fashioned fear. People are getting worried as companies, such as H&R Block, explain just how high the penalties for not obtaining coverage will be, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The $95 fine doesn’t sound like much, but remember: the fine is $95 or one percent of your income, whichever is higher:

One H&R Block handout for people who visit a branch specified that a married couple with two children filing jointly, and making $58,500 a year, would be hit with a penalty of $350 in 2014, then $975 in 2015 and $2,085 in 2016—far greater than the $95 many people assume they’re eyeing.

As Lucia Jones, who coordinates an enrollment campaign in Kansas, said, “The government knows if you can afford it, and then you have to have it.” Of course, this was all part of the president’s grand plan. But something about these scare tactics screams “totalitarian.”

Not to mention the American Action Forum released a report for yesterday’s fourth anniversary of Obamacare that revealed that “the ACA has imposed 2.5 times more costs than it has produced in benefits”:

“To put the ACA’s paperwork burdens in perspective, it would take 79,518 employees (more than the population of Napa, California) working 2,000 hours annually to complete the ACA’s paperwork mandates,” the report said. The report found an increase of $4.5 billion in higher costs and 48 million additional paperwork hours since last year.

Fantastic. Not only is the White House intimidating patients into purchasing plans they don’t want, the cost of Obamacare far outweighs any of its temporary benefits. When we have a $17 trillion debt, we shouldn’t unwisely spend more money on failure.

As previously noted, this might be part of a greater scheme to coax Americans into a single-payer system. But with any luck, receiving penalty letters will push the electorate in the opposite direction. Many of them are only signing up for health insurance because it seems a better use of money than paying a monthly fee.

In the end, this doesn’t prove that Obamacare is a general good; it simply proves that the government can force you into doing things you don’t want to do!

· The Next Shoe To Drop That Dropped: Obamacare Will Increase The Cost Of Employer-Sponsored Insurance

· And of course we all saw this coming too: Drug Rationing for Seniors Begins

· Plus: ObamaCare Deductibles Hit Patient Pocketbooks And Hospital Finances

· Oh it will altogether said and done cost way more jobs than this. Just the beginning: ObamaCare tax cost 33,000 jobs, medical trade group says

· Watch Out for Obamacare’s Subsidy Cliff: Earn $1 More in Wages, and You Could Pay $20,000 More for Insurance

· Finally, a look at today’s crony capitalism! Boehner: OBAMA Exempts Corporations, Not Families…

· WSJ Editorial: ‘Lawless Rewrite’ Proves Obamacare Hurts Economy


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